Børge Bjelland,
Co-Founder  VR Brand Development in Glitch.

VR is on the verge of realizing the true promise of multi-sensory storytelling

About Børge

Oslo is a small city, and there was so much to explore beyond its borders. Børge spent his young life travelling around the world before he entered creative studies at the Norwegian state school for art and design. After his master in Digital Branding he was just in time to join the .com bubble for a couple of years before he joined the creative team of Cobra and Creuna in Oslo.

After a few years in the agencies he left for an art project in Istanbul. He built a creative agency in Istanbul in close cooperation with Norwegian agencies for targeting both the Norwegian and the Turkish market. After 3 years as studio director for Toxic and Molte in Istanbul, he met Tobias and Sami and started Glitch.

Adapting creative work to new technologies has always been a driver in his work. His passion for VR is based on the believe that VR is great platform to live and tell brand stories.

Børge is married to Yasemin and has two sons