Eltek Virtual Reality Showroom

Eltek Virtual Reality Showroom

The marketing department of Eltek, a leading global power conversion company, had a challenge on their hands. Even though their modular power conversion solution was extremely compact, with the smallest physical footprint in the power conversion industry, the systems where still too big to effectively be transported across Europe, to meet with customers face to face.

Over the years, they had established several big showrooms in strategic cities across Europe. And recently they installed their power systems in the back of a big truck, touring the EU.

But these solutions where both costly for Eltek and time consuming for their clients.

Being an innovative industry leader comes with a certain responsibility. Early 2017 Eltek became first within their field to develop a virtual show room. By the end of October Glitch delivered four Eltek experiences in total, laying only a small foundation on what is to become a great adventure.




May 2017