Come work with us

In Glitch we have a core team of creatives, programmers and project managers, flanked on every side by great freelancers from Oslo, London and Istanbul. This setup makes us efficient and scalable with every project. Our digital workflow has been tested and proven efficient for more than ten years of operation.

360 Photographer & Photogrammetry Specialist
Steffen Aaland

Steffen is a photographer with over 13 years of experience in advertising & fashion. At Glitch Steffen focuses his talent on photogrammetry, pioneering into bridging photography with 3D capture.

VR Director
Tobias Barvik

Tobias is our storyteller. He’s been directing stories for organizations, corporate industries, and brands for 18 years. He’s also a great writer, and has written for film, radio and theatre.

Art Director

Børge Bjelland

Børge is working on the creative side of branding and concept development. He has more than 15 years of experience in digital branding and design.

Hazal Burgul

Hazal has over 7 years of experience as a designer working on a wide spectrum of client projects in a multi-disciplinary function. She is also a chef in training!

Motion Designer & 360 Post Production
Çınar Çulfaz

Çınar has been working on video post-production and 2D animation for 10 years. He is highly talented in motion graphics, editing, 2D animation and 360 video & image post production.

VR Software Developer
Onat Döker

As our lead developer, Onat is an industry pioneer, exploring new & innovative ways to deliver high quality virtual reality & augmented reality experiences across various technology platforms.

Art Director
Mark Hale

Mark is a graphic designer who enjoys working on a wide spectrum of creative projects. He has had two solo exhibitions and featured in many galleries with his artwork.

VR Producer
Sami Hamid

Sami is responsible for the production at Glitch. He has been an international project manager for more than 10 years around the world.

Senior Designer
Camilla Jødal

Camilla has over 15 years of design experience within the role of a creative director. Her career has seen her work on brands across Europe basing herself in both Germany and Norway.

Production Designer
Ali Engin Kokten

Ali has a strong background in traditional sculpture allowing him to bring this unique knowledge into his talents as a 3D modeller & designer.

Motion Designer
Cüneyt Özşeker

Cuneyt is a an interaction and motion designer and a self-taught maker. He animates concepts into multi dimensional environments and stories at Glitch.

Resident Cognitive Scientist
Lance Powell

Lance does research and design in multi-user VR experiences using his theoretical background in Cognitive Science. He is also a prolific chronicler of developments and design choices in popular Social VR platforms

Finance Coordinator
Buğra Tavusbay

Bugra is an experienced financial controller. He is working towards a masters in international economics and has an interest in stock exchanges & cryptocurrency.

VR Scene Designer
Egehan Tolunay

Egehan is a graduate of computer science with a strong passion for game and virtual reality design. As a Unity Certified developer, Egehan is an all-round scene designer able to pull a project together.