Come work with us

In Glitch we have a core team of creatives, flanked on every side by great freelancers from Norway, London and Istanbul. This setup makes us efficient and scalable with every project. Our workflow across borders has been tested and proven over a ten year period, and our clients often tells us they feel closer and more efficient when working on projects with us, because of our digital workflow.

VR Director
Tobias Barvik

Tobias is our storyteller. He’s been directing stories for organizations, corporate industries, and brands for 18 years. He’s also a great writer, and has written both for film, radio and theatre.

VR Producer
Sami Hamid

Sami is leading the Glitch production team of artists, designers and developers. He has been an international project manager for more than 10 years around the world.

VR Brand Development
Børge Bjelland

Børge is working on the creative side of branding and concept development. He has more than 15 years of experience in Digital branding and design.

Art Director
Mark Hale
Production Designer
Ali Engin Kokten
VR Software Developer
Onat Doker
Motion Designer
Cüneyt Özşeker
Hazal Burgul
Resident Cognitive Scientist
Lance Powell
Senior Designer
Camilla Jødal
360 Photographer & Photogrammetry Specialist
Steffen Aaland
Finance Coordinator
Buğra Tavusbay
Motion Designer & 360 Post Production
Çınar Çulfaz
VR Scene Designer
Egehan Tolunay