Tobias Barvik,
Co-Founder and VR director in Glitch.

True engagement in VR is a result of great storytelling

About Tobias

Growing up in the northern parts of Norway, playing underneath the dramatic northern lights, Tobias got struck by creativity… Or maybe it was just plain old-fashion boredom. Stuck in a majestic beautiful fjord with nothing to do, Tobias started telling stories.

After two years at the Film and Television Academy in Oslo, Tobias started working as a film producer/ director in the Norwegian offshore industry, before he moved on to documentaries about salmon farming and writing for tv and theatre. After his first son, Tobias started working as a film producer/ director for the Norwegian Cancer society, producing documentaries, TV-commercials and educational movies.

He took a year off to write a screenplay, before he started working as the Creative Director of Molte. It was during this period that he started obsessing about Virtual Reality. Three years later Tobias cals himself Norway’s first VR Director. He is still telling stories, but the way he tell stories have changed. 


Tobias is married to Sandra, and they have four monsters and a tiny dog.