How Glitch came to life

How does the future apply to your brand?

The future is not as far away as you think. This was the shared vision that brought together three unconventional entrepreneurs, who in the summer of 2016 launched Glitch, an immersive agency, and started a marketing and branding journey pioneering into the uncharted realms of immersive technology.


With three very distinct backgrounds to bear; a designer of 20 years, a film director of 15 years, and a project manager of over 10 years, Glitch was quick to attract an exceptional pool of in-house talent dotted across its three offices in Oslo, London and Istanbul.


Drawing from a long history of studying brands and understanding their needs, coupled with a unique focus on emerging technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, Glitch has positioned itself as a leader in the immersive marketing and branding field.


Today we deliver a full spectrum of traditional services, including design, video, web and animation for our clients.  However, our gaze is firmly fixed on immersive marketing and the impact its having and will continue to have on the industry as a whole.


The future is here. Come play with us.