Virtual reality showroom – Eltek

Virtual reality showroom – Eltek

Some products & services are either too large or too complex to lend themselves effectively to traditional marketing & sales platforms. This can result in inflated marketing costs and challenging sales in particular in heavy industries such as datacentres, marine & offshore and telecoms.

Imagine a solution that allows you to take your prospective client to your product regardless of its size or complexity, or brings your product to your client with a touch of a button while reducing your marketing & sales costs and increasing your bottom line sales.

Using virtual reality, we build highly immersive sales & marketing platforms that allow potential clients the ability to explore your products in fully interactive VR experiences communicating clearly and effectively your product’s unique selling points, leaving the user with a long lasting and resonating experience which has been proven to positively influence their buying decision.

Working closely with our client Eltek over 2017 and 2018, Glitch has built a virtual showroom that explores the various product lines that Eltek offer in virtual environments. These environments quickly & effectively communicate the prospective client’s problem and how Eltek’s products solve this problem while emphasising its unique selling points. Eltek’s solution is now deployed world wide across many of their 28 offices and is an ongoing project with future updates expected this year and into 2019.

– Highly engaging & immersive marketing & sales tool
– Highly cost effective compared to traditional marketing platforms for heavy industries
– Proven to increase bottom line sales & positively influence buying decision
– Leaves prospective clients with a long last resonating experience of your product
– Crowd magnet at exhibitions, events & public installations
– Small form factor & ease of translates to an effective client meeting sales tool




2017 - 2018


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