We know branding and we know virtual reality



Forget what you thought you knew about storytelling, and watch as your old concepts gets pulverised by the immersive power of VR. When your audience becomes the main character in his/her own experience, the experience becomes the mind blowing story you tell to others about. With some qualified help from Glitch, your brand can harness this powerful new way of storytelling, bringing more depth and reality into your brand story. 


Branding & Marketing

VR is the very first medium where you can take your target group to any desired place, and there are basically no limits where you can play out your brand story. All branding efforts are driven by the wish to connect your brand to the target groups through stories told in different media and on different devices. VR is adding a new dimension to the scene where brands can invite their audience to live their stories.


Virgin technology mixed with creative ideas and a deep understanding of marketing is the Glitch mix for added value to brands.


360 Video

Two dimensional 360 video has been around for quite some time now, creating a flat spherical image that is wrapped around your head. At Glitch we reach higher. With 360 stereoscopic video, using a 16 camera rig and some hefty light field calculations, we can give you real world realism with full 3D depth and high quality soundscape to match. It makes you wanna go places.

Armed with an experience team of cinematographers we offer the full spectrum of 360 video production from filming, stitching, editing and post production.



Each of our virtual reality experiences looks to communicate our client’s brand story and message. However VR requires a revolutionary approach to user experience design breaking all the rules from previous traditional platforms in the process.


Through clean and intuitive user experience designs built specifically for VR the user is able to quickly engage with and connect with the virtual world hand in hand with our client’s brand, without being overwhelmed or distracted by the technology. Regardless if the user is an experienced VR veteran or a first time VR technophobe our experiences will ensure they are engaged, immersed and comfortable from the moment they slip on the headset.


World Design

Creating an immersive and believable world for our client’s and their customers to explore is a fundamental part of the virtual reality design process. From hyper realistic interior environments to breath taking exterior settings we use the latest technologies in world design to ensure we capture the look & feel of each of our virtual reality worlds.


Using all three of the industry standard world design engines; Unreal 4, Unity3D and Cryengine 5 ensures we are able to build a wide spectrum of virtual worlds from highly optimised rich environments that run on mobile devices such as the Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard to more immersive and interactive worlds for platforms including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


3D Modelling and Animation

Virtual reality brings the user face to face with the inhabitants of virtual worlds, if those inhabitants are other human beings, animals or fantastical creatures its essential they are believable and ‘present’ in the virtual space, which is achieved primarily through realistic and highly detailed model animations.


Our in house experience & talent draws on three leading animation industries; the film industry, the advertising industry and the gaming industry which come together to produce cutting edge models and animation to bring to life the inhabitants of our virtual worlds.