Taking notes as we go

Virtual Reality content production is uncharted territory. There are no books to read, or gurus to follow. Under every rock we find both new ideas and great challenges. This is the excitement of pioneering a new technology.


The Anatomy of VR

Virtual reality will not only be a vision-based medium, but one that will immerse our other senses in equal measure. Since normally sighted humans primarily use visual stimuli to represent the world, people apply the same visual bias to the development and description of VR,...

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Deciphering the HoloLens

While Virtual Reality is charging full steam towards mass consumer adoption over the next 3 to 5 years it’s important to remember VR’s big sister, Augmented Reality, is only a few years behind. And ‘big sister’ is an understatement. Augmented reality is likely to eclipse...

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A deep dive into ‘Immersion’

It’s difficult to write an article about virtual reality, without using the term “immersion”. And for good reason. All great VR applications strive for a deep immersive experience, giving the user a sense of ‘presence’ in the virtual world. But how do we define immersion...

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