Welcome to the Delta Explorer – How Glitch built an online immersive city showcasing Delta’s entire product line

Key features

Fully interactive online experience with cross device compatibility


Pre-rendered animations with video buffering meaning no loading


Backend allowing client to update products at their discretion


No user side installations or plugins required


Seamless integration between WebGL and HTML


Narrated experience

Complex product solutions that serve multiple industries are hard to explain. Throw in a global pandemic that has closed the door for any potential exhibitions, tradeshows or face-to-face meetings, as well as the increasing need to reduce your carbon footprint and the result is your marketing challenges become even harder. But for companies built on a pioneering mindset, every challenge is an opportunity to forge new paths.

Delta Electronics, founded in 1971, is an innovation leader in power and thermal management solutions and has grown rapidly to become the global 2000 company it is today. With a wide range of products, including complex holistic infrastructure solutions, serving a spectrum of industries and clients from all over the world, Delta needed a digital marketing tool that would make them stand out from the competition, and engage their customer base.

With complimentary core values of ´innovation, teamwork and agility`, as well as a number of previous successful project collaborations, Delta raised the bar for Glitch to develop a ground-breaking solution to meet their marketing needs, and we’re not ones to turn down a challenge.

Our solution

Together with Delta´s marketing team, Glitch devised a roadmap to build an immersive web experience using a seamless hybrid solution between a WebGL and an HTML website that would work across all devices. This would allow visitors to explore Delta´s key industry verticals, with products presented in their native environments. Similar platforms have been attempted before, but Glitch wanted to create a city that was richer, faster, and with a more immersive user experience. We would therefore have to venture into uncharted technological territory.

“Marketing innovation happens when story and technical expertise are fused together – this is where Glitch exist”
Benjamin Noble – Script Writer – Glitch Studios

Telling Delta’s story

All the technical brilliance in the world cannot successfully communicate a product without strong, on-brand storytelling. So, we began by developing the user-flow to ensure we were building the most appealing and engaging story for each individual prospective customer. We then wrote a voice over that reflected Delta´s brand, to complement the visual journey, highlight key features and effectively introduce and lead us through the various solutions.

About Delta Electronics

Delta, founded in 1971, is a global leader in switching power supplies and thermal management products with a thriving portfolio of smart energy-saving systems and solutions in the fields of industrial automation, building automation, telecom power, data centre infrastructure, EV charging, renewable energy, energy storage and display, to nurture the development of smart manufacturing and sustainable cities. As a world-class corporate citizen guided by its mission statement, “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow,”

Creating the Delta World

Now the foundation of the story was in place, our team of 3D artists and animators began crafting the Delta world. Much attention was given to creating a world that was aligned with the brand, while also seamlessly nestling their respective industry verticals and product solutions into the world space. The user is able to quickly grasp Delta’s wide industry reach and then dive deeper into an industry and application solution of choice while always understanding its link to the overall Delta product ecosystem.

Breaking new ground in web based technologies

The Delta Explorer required us to break new ground on a technical level, merging several web based technologies to create a quick and seamless interactive experience. Powered by a lightweight open source WebGL player means the experience is able to run on all devices, from desktop to mobile, while a custom built video buffering system means there is no video loading time.

Interactive 3D models of key Delta products were embedded throughout the experience, inviting the user to get up close and personal with Delta’s products while exploring their key features and unique selling points.

Giving the client control

A backend database was custom built to allow Delta to have full control to update and edit the product section of the Delta Explorer experience, meaning updates and edits are quick and easy to do for the client without additional maintenance charges by Glitch.

Future proofed

A future proofing philosophy was part of the development of the Delta Explorer from day one. With several industries that Delta plan to create and roll out over the coming years, the platform needed to be easily added to and be quick to edit.

With a powerful backend database offering the client full control of content, coupled with a custom created WebGL player built with expandability in mind and cross-device support, the Delta Explorer is expected to be a flagship of Delta’s digital marketing over the years to come.

“Glitch has produced a versatile, immersive and interactive platform for our clients easily to understand Delta offerings in different applications. We look forward to expanding it as we grow.”
Corporate Marketing Team – Delta Electronics EMEA Region

Global reach

Delta Explorer launched in Q2 of 2021 and we’re excited to see the results and the impact over the coming year. Check back here soon for the latest updates.

One thing is for sure though. With 5G and wider bandwidth set to revolutionise the capabilities of the internet with richer graphics, WebGL is here to stay and will play an increasingly bigger role in organisation’s marketing strategies in the future. We´re grateful for innovators like Delta who have the vision and courage to allow us to lead the charge for a smarter and greener future, together.

Delta Explorer

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