Creating interactive 360 heritage site tours for web

Key features

360 photography team travelled across Iraq to shoot


Capturing high definition 4k 360 photography and drone footage


360 tours were used both in virtual reality headsets and web


Key media and information embedded across each tour

In 2014, the Yazidis, an ancient community with a blend of beliefs, faced an unimaginable horror as ISIS declared them heretics. Homes were lost, lives shattered, and a culture nearly erased in a blink.

The Holocaust Centre approached Glitch with a crucial mission: to convey the stark realities of the Yazidi genocide, preserving these critical narratives to enlighten and deepen empathy among its audience. The challenge was clear—how could they effectively bridge the gap between these distant experiences and the everyday lives of their audience?

Technical Innovation Meets Human Compassion

Glitch Studios, with it´s pioneering spirit, developed the concept for a 360° tour, offering an immersive experience that would transport viewers to the very heart of the Yazidi plight. In close collaboration with the Holocaust Centre, we ventured into the volatile landscapes of Iraq, supported by local guides and security, to capture 360° photography, blending the immersive quality of VR and interactive web, with the authenticity of real locations.

About The Holocaust Centre

The Holocaust Centre in Oslo stands as a beacon of education and remembrance, dedicated to the historical context of the Holocaust and the ongoing persecution of religious minorities, underscoring the importance of learning from the past to address contemporary issues of injustice and persecution.

A Multisensory Experience

Glitch utilized a medium format camera to capture 150 high-resolution shots per scene, intricately stitched to craft seamless, immersive experiences. This allowed viewers to freely explore and zoom into details without losing image quality. By incorporating spatial audio, the project enhanced immersion significantly. Interactive hotspots provided educational context, transforming the tour into a comprehensive learning experience both online on web and through Oculus Go headsets at the Holocaust Centre in Oslo. Overcoming challenges like texture size limitations highlighted Glitch Studios’ commitment to quality and innovation, preserving the authenticity of the narrative.

“Visiting and documenting the sacred spaces, culture, and struggles of the Yazidis offered a profound and immersive experience that connected deeply with a broader audience.”
Stephen Aaland – 360 photographer – Glitch Studios

An experience that matters

The Holocaust Centre’s 360° tour has been lauded for its clarity, immersion, and emotional depth, setting a new standard for digital storytelling. By offering a window into the lives of the Yazidi survivors, the project serves as a powerful reminder of the grave atrocities they endured and highlights their enduring strength and resilience.

Exploring the future

As technology advances, so do the possibilities for storytelling. The team is already exploring cutting-edge techniques like Gaussian splatting for future projects, promising even more engaging and lifelike experiences. This project not only signifies a leap forward for Glitch Studios but also exemplifies the profound impact of marrying technology with humanitarian narratives.

Committed to innovation, Glitch Studios continues to lead in digital storytelling, continually pushing the boundaries to create meaningful, impactful experiences that not only tell stories but also inspire change and understanding.

High-quality 3D photogrammetry objects from within the manor were also scanned and implemented allowing users to explore otherwise inaccessible pieces up close. The result was a highly immersive user-driven exploration tour through the Eidsvoll Manor encountering historical figures and objects, culminating in the historic moment delegates from across Norway signed the Norwegian constitution into existence. The project was completed late 2019 and launched in 2020.

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